Please drag your module of interest from the "MODULES" panel on the left to the "PIPELINES" canvas in the middle. Then, click the "Configure" button in the "TASKS" panel on the right to choose the settings for the module. After configuration, click "Run" in the "TASKS" panel to execute the module. To view the results, wait until the module turns into green and click "View result" in the "TASKS" panel.
For detailed information, please see the Tutorial in the "DEMO/TUTORIAL" panel.

Pipeline Builder for Metabolomics Data Analysis

MetCraft is a pipeline builder for analysis of untargeted metabolomics data. This is accomplished via several modules implemented in MetCraft for various applications including LC-MS metabolomics data processing, metabolite annotation based on mass, MS/MS, and GC-MS data, and marker selection from metabolomics and other omics data. Users can choose from these modules to build a pipeline that can be run on a remote machine through a web browser.

MODULES Drag a module from this panel to the "PIPELINES" canvas

Data Import Use these modules to import processed/unprocessed data
Data Upload
Retrieval from Database

Data Filter/Imputation

Metabolomic Data Processing Use these modules to process raw metabolomic data
Peak Detection/Alignment
Adduct/Isotope Recognition
Missing Peak Imputation

Metabolite Annotation Use these modules to annotate metabolites based on m/z values, MS/MS, or GC-MS data
Mass-Based Search
MS/MS-Based Search
GC-MS-Based Search
Isotopic Pattern Analysis
Network-Based Annotation
Compound Fingerprint Prediction
Probabilistic-Based Scoring Model

Marker Selection Use these modules to select markers that distinguish between two pre-specified groups
Univariate Statistical Analysis
Multivariate Regression Analysis
Hierarchical Integrative Analysis
Network-Based Analysis
Machine Learning

PIPELINES Drag a module from the “MODULES” panel to this canvas

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TASKS Click a button to execute a task for a selected module or to save/load a pipeline

DEMO/TUTORIAL Click a button to load a demo pipeline or to download demo/tutorial files